Sustainable fashion brand Ultra Tee was founded by designer Angie Sam in 2012 with the aim of creating beautiful clothes while respecting the environment.


Ultra Tee’s mission is driven by a simple passion: to create desirable, high-quality products that fuse together thoughtful design details with low-impact fabrics.


But Angie wanted to create more than plain T-shirts with eco-friendly credentials, so she sought out a method of digital printing that only uses water-based inks. These inks are certified by Confidence In Textile, the world’s leader in health labels, as are all the materials used by Ultra Tee.



The brand name was inspired by Latin; ‘Ultra’ means ‘beyond’ while ‘Tee’ reflects the core of the brand’s offering. 


We are ethical


To adhere to its low-impact mission, Ultra Tee only uses the following fair-trade materials:

- ethical cotton

- organic cotton

- recycled cotton

- recycled polyester

- Tencel (made from eucalyptus)

- remains of fine fabrics


Embroidery, digital printing and big part of Ultra Tee’s manufacturing are carried out in small workshops in the UK, Portugal and France.

The embroidery threads used are the highest quality viscose/rayon biodegradable and sustainable yarns, from "Madeira UK".

No APO/APE softeners (Alkyl Phenol Oethoxylates/Ethoxylates), which are found in some threads, are used to finish Madeira's threads. All meaning that, following supplier's recommendations, Madeira's dyestuffs are non-toxic to workers, the environment and the end user - before, during and after production.

Created with sensitive production processes in the heart of the naturally environmentally conscious Black Forest region in Germany, Madeira's EnviroSystem applies long term commitment to the global impact of environmental issues, second to none.

The backing used to secure the embroidery is also made of viscose where many other embroiderers will use polyester.

The company only works with global partners who respect the following principles :

- No child labor

- No forced labor

- Terms of healthy and safe working

- Contracts for legal work

- Payment of a living wage

- Freedom of association and right to collective bargaining

- No discrimination against employees

- Not to excessive hours


Meet the Maker

Angie Sam studied at Ecole des Métiers de la Création et de la Communication. After graduating, she felt motivated to launch a project that was different, one where high quality clothing could be created in harmony with the environment.

After much research, preparation and a few obstacles along the way, Ultra Tee was born, fulfilling Angie's desire to innovate in fashion all while maintaining respect for nature.

Inspiration comes from her surroundings: the city of Paris, London gardens and flowers. Old bookshops provide an endless source of botanical stimulation.

UltraTee collections are timeless. Angie pays close attention to the consistency of fabrics: softness and lightness make the brand’s T-shirts and sweatshirts comfortable and easy to wear.

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*** I would really like to thank the Museum of Romantic Life located at 16 Rue Chaptal, 75009 Paris.Our series of photos (still life) had been entirely made in this magical place. If you do not know this museum, I urge you to visit as the place is just amazing and the people who work there are charming! ***