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What are our best-sellers?

Hello Hello!

After two busy trade fairs in Paris and London, I wanted to share with you some information regarding our best-seller products.

One of them is our Stripes Tee Ice Cream. It made from 100% organic cotton. This style is very popular thanks to its loose fit, raglan sleeves, multicolor stripes... and of course thanks to this amazing embroidery design Ice Cream! :)

Just to remind you that our partner's embroidery atelier in Oxford uses embroidery threads of the highest quality viscose/rayon biodegradable and sustainable yarns, from "Madeira UK".

No APO/APE softeners (Alkyl Phenol Oethoxylates/Ethoxylates), which are found in some threads, are used to finish Madeira's threads. All meaning that, following supplier's recommendations, Madeira's dyestuffs are non-toxic to workers, the environment and the end user - before, during and after production.

Created with sensitive production processes in the heart of the naturally environmentally conscious Black Forest region in Germany, Madeira's EnviroSystem applies long term commitment to the global impact of environmental issues, second to none. http://www.madeira.co.uk/environment/

The backing used to secure the embroidery is also made of viscose where many other embroiderers will use polyester.

There are lots of buyers who purchased our Stripes Tee Ice Cream for their boutiques and online shops across Europe and Asia... 

I am so pleased to think that our tees are traveling allover the world and make customers happy! 



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